St. Patricks Day in Cork

Now is the time for Cork businesses to start thinking how they can make St. Patricks Day 2015 one of the most fun days the city can possibly have.  The traditional parade has gotten better over the years but along with the parade there are lots of things pubs and restaurants can do to encourage a festive atmosphere in Cork city.

  • Put a little bit of Green in it.  Double up on the shamrocks and green bunting in your premises.  It doesn’t cost much and makes people smile.
  • Green T-Shirts.  Why not have the staff go green.  Some green shirts, perhaps hats and even a badge “Kiss Me I’m Irish?” all add to the fin.
  • Now some of us hate Irish music but for one day how about a little bit of Celtic music instead of your normal fare.  Go on its just one day.
  • Green food.  Offer people some green items like biscuits with some colouring or if a shop a pack of green sweets as they enter the premises.

If your premises is closed on St Paddies then decorate your shop window and add to the street colour with some of the ideas above.  Even green baloons are low cost items and filling your window display with them will add another splash of colour.

Happy St. Paddies.

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