Gigs On This Weekend in Cork – 23 Jan

Fri 23 Jan

  • John Spillane 8pm, Sirius Arts Centre
  • Quangodelica 9pm, The Roundy
  • Hot Blooded Animals 9.30pm, The Oliver Plunkett
  • Hot Guitars 10.30pm, Charlies
  • Tony Milner 10.30pm, Welcome Inn
  • The Guilty Judges 12am, The Oliver Plunkett
  • Gorilla Radio Reardens
  • Blind Lemon Brú Bar
  • Spacecake Fred Zeppellins

SAT. 24 .JAN

  • Gerry Quigley & The Shinkickers 10pm, Ziggys Bar
  • Lee Sessions 4pm, The Oliver Plunkett
  • Paradox / Screenreader 9pm, Crane Lane
  • The Pearls 9.30pm, The Oliver Plunkett
  • The Lost Gecko 10pm, The Gables
  • Hot Blooded Animals 10pm, Coughlans
  • Crow Black Chicken 10.30pm, Chrlies
  • Kenny Live 10.30pm, Welcome Inn
  • Andy Dunne 12am, The Oliver Plunkett
  • Land Crabs Brú Bar

SUN. 25 .JAN

  • Lee Trad Music Session 3pm, Charlies
  • Sunday Sessions 6pm, The Roundy
  • The Big Swinging Mikies 6pm, The Oliver Plunkett
  • The Rivets7.30pm, Welcome Inn
  • Whats That Sound? 9pm, The Oliver Plunkett
  • The Bad Boy Blues Band 11pm, Crane Lane
  • Amazing Apples Reardens
  • Ali Bracken & Yearning Curve Brú Bar
  • John O’Connor & Anna Mitchell Coughlans

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