What to Do On A Monday In Cork?

Normally on a Monday n Cork city (or any city for that matter) the city centre would be quiet and not that attractive as a destination.  

With the first day December upon us that is not the case and Cork has a lot to do during the day and nights if you are interested in eating, drinking or listening to music (or all 3 at once)

Monday is a perfect day to start your Christmas shopping while the shops are quieter and meet a friend for quiet lunch. Our tip for today is  if you have not tried it already to check out The Liberty Grill for brunch or lunch. It has delicious breakfasts and great food all day long (bookings advised for evening meals especially at this time of the year.

Musically expect to see lots of choirs and singers on the streets every day this month through to Christmas as fund raisers and charities swing into gear. Expect to see Cork Simon Community to be hitting the streets soon with their annual collection and crib.

Gigs in Cork

If you are heading out this evening and looking for music then see a list below of what is out there to whet you appetite.Of all the gigs Quangodelic looks like the most interesting.  Advertised as a 10 piece funk band it sounds likes lots of fun and free entry.

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