The Year of the Hiker


Date/Time: 8:00PM, May 25th to 28th
Venue: Cork Arts Theatre
Admission: €13, €10 (concession) | €10 (groups of 10–15 people)  | €8 (groups of more than 15)


Studio 13 Productions present

The Year of The Hiker

by John B. Keane

Returning home is at the root of John B. Keane’s penetrating study of a family deserted by its globe-wandering patriarch without portfolio, the development of the family’s coping powers, and the emotional hoops each member must jump through when the reprobate returns, 20 years later, seeking forgiveness. 

There are big questions and a houseful of dissident family members representing differing points of view about love, duty, responsibility, forgiveness, redemption, and the extent to which their choices reflect their in-bone reaction to the father’s abandonment; the embarrassment his absence has caused them in the community; the turns their lives have taken because of, or in spite of, their history; and their need to go on regardless.

Keane has an endless ear for humour, poetry and longing, and immerses us in this remote rural world bursting with soul.

“Heartwrenching, sinewy and totally engrossing.”

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