Rosi’s Tinted Spectacles

Date/Time: 9:00PM, August 25th
Venue: The Roundy Bar
Admission: FREE


Rosi’s Tinted Spectacles play on Thursday 25th August @ 9pm. Rosi grew up in Liverpool, in a household that didn’t really listen to much music at all, but did have lots of books in it. Perhaps for this reason, she always wanted to be a writer, but never imagined she would end up writing songs. One night when she was 25 she went to the cinema to see that documentary about the penguins which Morgan Freeman narrates, walked home feeling very strange in a good way and wrote River Song: ‘Sat and wrote this song one day, when I was still a child, by the river near my house with silent chords…’

The encouragement and support she received from her musician friends Nick Pynn and Jane Bom-Bane inspired her to keep going. It was while working at Bom-Bane’s (probably the best cafe in the world? that she learned how to hold her head up whilst singing her songs. Jane also taught her how to enunciate her lyrics properly so that people could understand what she was saying. (“Rosi, you’ve spent ages writing these beautiful words, people deserve to hear them!”)

In 2010 her friend Sam Walker ( recorded 10 of her songs in the garden of his studio, resulting in a live album called ‘Rosi and the Garden’. It came out sounding lovingly home-made and a little bit magical thanks to some uncannily well-timed backing vocals provided by passing dogs, birds and planes.

In 2012 she made Flowers For The Living at Batbox studios in Lewes, recorded and produced by the wonderful Dave Lynch.

Songs from Flowers for the Living have been played on a rapidly increasing list of international radio stations, thanks to the efforts of Rosi’s manager Mark Flanagan. (See Gigs and Airplay).

She is currently living in Cork, working as a healer as well as writing poems and songs for her next album, which will be called House of Water. The picture above is by Tom M. Walker
The summers in Cork can be cold but we want to warm up your heart with some delicious libations we have created for you.


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