Goodbye Beamish & Crawford

I went to school in Sullivans Quay in the 70s (yes that is how old I am.  One of the abiding memories was the awful stink that came from the river at most times of the day as the nearby Beamish and Crawford dumped its waste into the river.  For those who didn’t grow up in that era it was an absolutely awful smell and the clean(er) river we have now is an amazing change from those stinky days.

Now as we finally see an event center coming closer to fruition it is time to bid goodbye to this great institution.

In later years I had the luck to have several free nights in the hospitality suite where many beers were consumed and great sing songs were had.

My understanding is the the façade of the building is not changing so that is great to hear and the 6,000 capacity of the new development means finally we can welcome decent concerts, artists, conferences and events into the city.

In a recent walk down South Main street and North Main street the street looked very tired and lots of empty shops in what was once a vibrant bustling area.  Hopefully the event center will lift up the area and give some existing sand new businesses a boost in this great old part of cork.

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