OPENING TONIGHT: Playhouse Creatures

Time/Date: 8PM, November 3 to 7

Venue: Cork Arts Theatre

            Opening night: all tickets €10

            Other nights: €15, €12 (conc.); Group rate (8 or more): €10

Empire Line Productions presents, ‘Playhouse Creatures’ by April De Angelis

The year is 1669; and Charles II reigns over a politically charged country. Intelligent and cultured, his dedication to people and pleasure led to his controversial decree that finally gave women the chance to take the stage by storm. Enter the ‘Playhouse Creatures’.

Playhouse Creatures throws four real actresses (Nell Gwyn, Elizabeth Farley, Rebecca Marshall, and Mary Betterton) and Doll Common (an aged version of the character in The Alchemist written in the early 1600s by Ben Johnson) into a moving and riotous account of the precarious lives of Restoration actresses. These gutsy women grapple for recognition and a new social role for women, whilst falling victim to the attitudes and consequences of the age.

Expect fizzing comedy, camaraderie and contention in this unvarnished, wickedly funny and vivacious account of the fight these women faced to be seen as theatre’s first legitimate actresses.

Starring Cora Fenton, Irene Kelleher, Rebecca Allman, Jean Law and Vanessa Leary Hyde.

Directed by Mary Curtin.

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