Ireland to host its first ever national dessert festival #DessertFSTVL

Ireland is set to have its first ever national dessert festival and the icing on the cake is it’s going to be on for an entire week!

No, we’re not eggs-aggerating here. #DessertFSTVL will be on from July 23-29.

You can glaze in wonder as hundreds of restaurants, cafés, doughnut shops, creperies, and ice cream parlours across Ireland will be presenting their most delicious and indulgent sweet specialities at this event.

Cork’s Casanova Gelato created a 13lb Jägermeister gelato sundae, made with tropical fruit punch and decorated with deep fried plums and mini bottles of the ultra-boozy digestif to launch the festival.

There will be pop-up events like tastings, workshops, “Man versus Food” challenges or simply creating their own unique dessert special to wow the public.

The festival is run by FSTVLR, which connects festival lovers with businesses looking to host food and drink events in their own premises.

Ernest Cantillon, FSTVLR CEO said:“#DessertFSTVL is the perfect opportunity for businesses across the country to take part in exciting national festival.

“Instead of the standard festival model which takes people away from food and drink venues, the festival will take place in their own premise which will drive footfall for them, as well as putting on a great event for the public.

“We already have some amazing businesses signed up for #DessertFSTVL and can’t wait for what might be our most delicious festival yet!”

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