The Improvised Comedy Murder Mystery

Get ready to Ha-ha-halloween! The Improvised Comedy Murder Mystery gang will be rocking the house again this October with more totally ‘off the cuff’ fun and frolics.


Cabal Productions presents, The Improvised Comedy Murder Mystery: “The Séance of Death!” 

Date/Time: 8PM, October 29-31

Venue: Cork Arts Theatre

Admission: €15, €12 conc., Group rate (8 or more) €10.


This time they have gathered for a séance to contact the spirit world but little do they know that quite soon one of their number will be joining the spirits on the other side.

Once again you, the audience, decide who the unfortunate victim and the mysterious murderer will be. And your outrageous ‘secrets’ that the cast read out will add mayhem and mirth to the proceedings.

Tickets sell out fast for this hilarious production so make sure you book early!

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