The Black Arts @ Roundy Bar

Date/Time: 9:00PM, May 4th
Venue: Roundy Bar


The Black Arts are playing on Wednesday 4th May @ 9pm with support by Red House. Black Arts is an electronic rock band based in Cork, Ireland. The brooding anthemic tales of woe consist of Eoin Hayes on vocals, guitar, synths and programming, Mark O Sullivan on keyboards and backing vocals and Peter Crudge on drums and backing vocals. The music encompasses a varied spectrum of electronic music from aggressive thumping beats to more mellow and melodic soundscapes.

The dark transcendent style is heavily inspired by science fiction, the retro-futurist aesthetic, gothic horror, as well as esoteric principals and ancient beliefs. The music allegorically touches on issues of frustration, politics, loss, agony, ecstasy and love in the guise of dark fantasy.

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