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Best Restaurants in Cork

What is the best is always a matter of opinion and as we enter into 2015 many of you are probably thinking of where you should be eating in the New year (or perhaps eating less).  Cork is not short of great places to eat and price does not always make a restaurant great it just tells you that it costs a lot.  From the amazing vegetarian restaurant Cafe Paradisio to fine dining in Jaques you will not be short of options for a great meal.

If you wish to travel further afield just down the road to Kinsale then you will be spoilt for choice as it is perhaps the gourmet capital of Ireland with an amazing choice of seafood restaurants and award winning chefs creating great food from the well known Man Friday to Crack Pots, Fishy Fishy and Jim Edwards.

Cork people know Kinsale very well but often tourists to the city overlook it and it is a mere 30 minutes drive to get there.

If you do not have the option to travel to Kinsale then if you throw a stone from the city centre you will have no problem finding a great place to eat even if it is a burrito on Rory Gallagher Place at Burritos And Blues where a delicious burrito and beer can be had in friendly and cozy surroundings.

We love the English Market and if you pop into there you have to check out The Farm Gate which overlooks the market and is perfect for  a snack or a full meal.They are only open during working hours so make it part of your lunch plans and you won’t be disappointed.

Cafe Gusto on Cork’s Washington Street is also perfect for tapas and offers a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) service and the eating experience there is unique and fun with amazing tasty snacks from Spain and Italy.  It never fails to please.  the Liberty Grill a few hundred metres up the street is a sister restaurant of Cafe Gusto and if you are looking for a different style for great sandwiches and burgers then walk a little further,  you may need a reservation  during busy evenings.  Cafe Gusto is walk in so might suit a last minute decision.

Another off the track option on Cork’s Sullivan’s Quay is Quay Co-Op which is simple surroundings provides a varied menu.  It has a wide vegetarian option as well and its downstairs shop is worth a browse.



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