What’s The Story?

Date/Time: All Mondays of November, 8:30PM

Venue: Roundy Bar

Theme for this month: Short Tales For Long Nights


What’s the Story? is a storytelling initiative in Cork. The next gig is on Monday 9th November at 8.30pm. The idea is to give an outlet for aspiring and established storytellers – people who like to stand up and tell their stories to interested listeners.

If you have a story to tell, if you want to learn more about storytelling, or if you just like listening to good stories told well, you will be very welcome. More experienced storytellers will be on hand to give advice and encouragement, and to give a flavour of their own styles!

What’s the Story? is about telling stories – not reading them.

It’s not stand-up, it’s not about telling jokes, but humour is, of course, very welcome.

We’re looking for storytellers and those who like to listen – not singers, not musicians, not reciters!

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