Vagabonds & Thieves

Time: 11:30PM

Venue: Crane Lane Theatre

Admission: FREE


Formed in Kildare in April 2014, Vagabonds and Thieves setup of guitar, bass, drums and bouzouki through a Marshall has made this band stand out. The blend of rock, blues, folk and off beat styling’s played with tons of energy have kept the gig goers interested, entertained and coming back for more.
Having done locals only on Nova the band then got asked to do new Irish music scene show on KFM, the response was such that the live tracks recorded have been played on the following weeks shows.
Coming from a DIY ethic the bands self-recorded ep is meant to be a snap shot of the band where they were. As their ever expanding repertoire adds new songs and new styles into the mix Vagabonds have no fear of experimenting and adding new elements in to their sound.

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