The Sea Road Sessions -Coughlans

Coughlans Live Promotions Presents The Sea Road Sessions

Kris Drever (Lau) – guitar & vocals, Alan Kelly (Eddi Reader/Alan Kelly Gang) – piano accordion, Ian Carr (Kate Rusby) – guitar, trumpet & vocals, Eamon Coyne (Salsa Celtica) – banjo / tenor guitar, Steph Geremia (Alan Kelly Gang)- flute / sax / vocals and Staffan Lindforf (Sofia Karlsson) – double bass.

This project will bring together, for the first time, 6 critically acclaimed, renowned traditional musicians from Scotland, Ireland and Sweden – each known for their passionate performance, innovative approach and dedication to their craft and tradition from which they come. These 6 individuals have performed with each other in various ensembles over the years, however this is the first time they will take to the stage together for what promises to be a stunning and unique musical collaboration of the highest quality.

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