Tales of the Unseen


Date/Time: 7:00PM, June 4th
Venue: Everyman Theatre
Admission: €15 | €50 (Family Price: 4 Tickets)


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Charming double bill with two of Ireland’s award-winning circus companies

Don’t miss the opportunity to see two of Ireland’s award-winning circus companies in this charming double bill! Tales of the Unseen showcases two very different pieces, one immersing the audience in an old Asian tale, the other creating quirky abstract narratives in a minimal setting.

While Riuchi uses classic magic techniques, body effects and new technologies, Squarehead Productions creates the illusion of time travel, déjà-vus and stop motion effects by making the audience open and close their eyes.

Age recommendation 10+


A skilled ninja dreams of mastering the magic of Light.

A search for destiny in Asian Legend. This poignant story is told through the skilled movements of the artist. The piece is a non-narrative 45mins show which embodies beauty and poetry, enacted with a deft combination of Circus, Magic and Dance. Through the use of modern LED Technology the solo light performance awes and stuns, inviting the audience away to another land, in another time. This atmospheric multidisciplinary piece is suitable for all people of all ages.

“An intriguing synthesis of technology and a skilled and imaginative performer. If light and electricity were to take on anthropomorphic forms; they might look like Asian performer Riuchi’s hands” The Irish Times


  • THE WHISTLE by Squarehead Productions

What if you were at the same time spectator and creator of a piece? A juggler, a whistle and the audience create a multitude of moments.

Time travel – Déjà vu – Glitches – Fast forward – Rewind – Déjà vu. All without technics or special effects.

A journey through several different hilarious yet often poetic narratives.

Close your eyes!  Open them! Will you play the game or will you cheat? Either way you will be played!

★★★★★ “Funny, touching and performed with consummate skill, ‘The Whistle’ has an ease and charm that makes it irresistible” Examiner.com


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