Strange Attractor

Time: 10PM

Venue: Brú Bar Hostel

Admission: FREE


Strange Attractor are a dynamic, explosive group, blending elements of funk/reggae/rock and world grooves and refining them into a polished poppy sound, accessible to the everyday listener. The band are known for their high energy live shows, where the regularly have every listener up and dancing. On the stage the band often consist of 10 people. These include: The brass section, keyboards, percussion, guest singers, guitars, bass, drums. Of the musicians in the band, almost every member is studying music, or has obtained a degree in music. This is evident when hearing the knowledgeable, fluid improvisation that takes place on stage. Since the band’s last album “Wacky World”, the music for their next record has become even more accessible with catchy songs that are well suited for the radio, yet don’t sacrifice musicality.

What makes the band unique is that the music is truly a collaboration of many styles, brought to a pop front. The musicians have experience playing many styles and the song-writing ties these elements together into a captivating sound.

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