Psychedelic Pill (Neil Young & Crazy Horse Tribute)


Time: 11:30PM

Venue: Crane Lane Theatre

Admission: FREE


From delicate country tinged ballads laden with rich harmonies to driving rock numbers full of wailing guitar solos and screaming feedback, the songs of Neil Young continue to be a beautifully schizophrenic collage of the best music 60s and 70s America had to offer.

Psychedelic Pill are a four-piece band who demonstrate this by combining their own diverse musical backgrounds to take you on a trip from Neil Young’s earliest work through the Crazy Horse collaborations and beyond.

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What Has Been Said About Psychedelic Pill?

“Psychedelic Pill are the real deal. They have a genuinely authentic sound that captures and celebrates the music of Neil Young’s long and varied career. A must see for Neil Young fans.” – Ed Kenehan, Monroes LIVE, Galway

“Psychedelic Pill are a supergroup playing the music of one of Rock n Rolls most uncompromising, prolific and important rock artists of the last 4 decades: Neil Young. Their take on Young’s collaborations w/ Crazy Horse captures all the passion & wig out danger of the Horse at its prime, cherry picking their best tunes and weaving them into a set that any die-hard fan would swallow whole!” – Ray Blackwell, De Barras, Clonakilty


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