Pierce Turner LIVE!

Date/Time: 9:00PM, December 8th
Venue: Coughlan’s
Admission: € €20*

*Booking fee may apply.

Get your tickets here.


Pierce Turner returns to one of his favourite Towns, and a special intimate venue. He comes armed with a new album “Love Can’t Always Be Articulate” which you have heard numerous times on RTE It would be wise to get hold of your ticket now.

*Award winning Irish Musician Pierce Turner

*Also lives in Manhattan

* His last album “Songs For a Verry Small Orchestra” features a duet with PhilipGlass whom he also performed in Carnegie Hall with in 2011

* Formerly solo Performer of the Year in Ireland

* Irish folk superstar Christy Moore has recorded his songs and went so far as to write a dedication to him “I love the way Pierce Turner Sings” on his box set with Warner Brothers Records

Selected reviews:

“He has created what I confidently believe to be the finest body of work in contemporary Irish music bar none” -Liam Fay -Sunday Times. ”Soaring Classical melodies with a sense of freedom and joy” – Rolling Stone magazine USA

“Clambering across the tables, little shimmies and screams of adoration, Turner breaks down the barrier between audience and performer and really gives himself in a way that makes him naked” – Irish Times

Rolling Stone review of Tibet house benefit 2010 with Philip Glass, Patty Smith, Iggy Pop and Regina Spektor- “His duet with Philip Glass@ Carnegie Hall “Early in the night, composer Phillip Glass introduced Irish singer Pierce Turner, who sat at the grand piano and performed the soaring, Bowie-reminiscent “Yogi with a Broken Heart.””

“A poet amongst songwriters’” -Elle Magazine USA

Inventive songwriter Pierce Turner is one of the cities great Gems. He fields requests, recounts amusing anecdotes and Encourages group singalongs” -New York Magazine 

Easily one of Ireland’s most important rock artists of the last twenty years”- The Irish Times

“Quirky lyrical images and a whimsicality one usually associates with Ray Davies” – Stephen Holden – The New York Times

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