Ordinary Love


Date/Time: 8:00PM, May 19th to 21st
Venue: Cork Arts Theatre
Admission: €10


Ordinary Love, is a love story between two women, spanning four decades. 

The play begins with Sara (early 60’s) standing alone, just after scattering her life partner’s ashes. She begins reflecting on their life together and the love they shared. Her memories and life appear before the audience in the form of her younger self and people who touched her life. Her story evolves from coming out to family and friends, to finally meeting the girl of her dreams. Clarissa is the young woman who steals her heart and changes her life forever.

Although there is heartache in this story, as there is in life, there are plenty of laughs too in the form of an ex girlfriend and two best friends.

Written and performed by LINC Drama Group.

Directed by Sonya Matthews.

Tickets: €10

Further information on LINC at: www.linc.ie

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