Hot Blooded Animals – Fri 19th Dec

Hot Blooded Animals are one of Coughlans favourite cover bands. Doors: 10pm Entry: Free

A real goodtime classic rock group with years of experience of playing both nationally and internationally and are armed with a jukebox sized catalogue of tunes that are all performed with plenty of gusto . The Animals feature blistering guitar work, large slabs of bass grooves and the type of wild drumming keith moon dyed for.

Even though they are a band of trumped-up Culchies , the Hot Blooded Animals play the kind of Rock n? Roll cover songs we can all relate to.

The Animals started life as the backing band for legendary American country star Dwayne Dwight.

Under Dwight’s colorful country wing they toured extensively throughout the southern states of America and even had a regular slot aboard the Oceanic Cruise liner throughout the naughties, bringing their distinctive style of rocking’ roots rock and country around the Mediterranean and even to as far off shores as Bangalore in India, where they played to the Rajah King and were made “Distinctive Nobles of the City”.

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