Honeychild Coleman

Date/Time: 11:30PM, October 4th
Venue: Crane Lane Theatre
Admission: FREE


Brooklyn-based Kentucky native Honeychild Coleman is a prolific musician and DJ who has worked with such luminaries as The Slits, Mad Professor, Apollo Heights (The Veldt) , Death Comet Crew (with Rammellzee), DJ Olive and Raz Mesinai’s Badawi. Coleman‘s solo work is electric rhythm guitar focused, with a penchant for 1960s Hagstroms. She utilizes beats, electrified Bluegrass and folk instruments, in accompaniment to her signature melliferous vocals. Signed to Manchester UK’s Invisiblegirl Records (by Julia Adamson ofThe Fall) and subject of documentaries “Afropunk” (USA), “Firelies” & “Getting My Name Up There” (AUSTRIA), Coleman‘s music has been featured Sundance award winning film “Pariah” (USA).

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