The Cork Film Festival is Almost Here!

The Cork Film Festival is opening tomorrow – November 6 to 15. That’s 10 days packed with films you can’t miss!

Here’s everything you need to know on what’s happening @ the opening day: (And don’t forget to check their site right here)


Homegrown – New Shorts from Cork

Time: starts 5:30PM

Venue: Cork Opera House

Admission: € 7.00 ; € 6.00 Concessions


  • AiR
    Atmospheric Irish Recital: songs and rhythms from the traditional repertoire have been weaved through newly composed soundscapes and framed by an installation of Irish cinematography, stills photography and youth participants’ expressions.
    Director: Sonya Keogh
    Producer: Sonya Keogh, ARTlifeCULTURE
    Ireland / 2015 / 10 Minutes / Colour


  • Kennedy Quay
    Set in the Cork Docklands, we follow David as he regurgitates snippets of real-life conversations, creating a snapshot of Cork and shedding light on mental health issues.
    Director: Naoimh Ní Luanaigh
    Producer: Chris Hurley, Max Le Cain
    Ireland / 2014 / 7 Minutes / Colour


  • Blight
    A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote Island community.
    Director: Brian Deane
    Producer: Anna O’Malley
    Ireland / 2015 / 15 Minutes / Colour


  • The Great Wide Open
    The connection between a young girl and her grandfather transcends both a generation, and family politics.
    Director: Ciarán Dooley
    Producer: Mark Holland
    Ireland / 2015 / 10 Minutes / Colour


  • Static
    A world travelled backpacker wrongly detained and a computer whizz kid anxious to depart appear suspended in time in an airport terminal, and, as we journey with them, their Sisyphean-like state is revealed
    Director: Mary Keane
    Producer: Mary Keane
    Ireland / 2015 / 12 Minutes / Colour


  • An Shawlie, An Clog agus an Meall Ime
    A traditional Shawlie travels up the River Lee of Cork City to sell her lump of butter at the Shandon Market.
    Director: Maria Young
    Producer: Tina Horan
    Ireland / 2015 / 12 Minutes / Colour


  • Comic Potential
    A young woman decides to become a superhero in the unlikely setting of a sleepy West Cork town.
    Director: Ross Carey, Emmet O’Brien
    Producer: Stephen Broekhuizen, Adam McCarthy
    Ireland / 2015 / 15 Minutes / Colour

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