Breda’s Way


Date/Time: 9PM, February 26th and 27th

Venue: Cork Arts Theatre


The following blurb is based on real events…

During the summer of 1985, statues of the Virgin Mary were reported to move spontaneously at different locations throughout Ireland.

The sightings of ‘Moving Mary’ had profound effects on many people. Now, some thirty years later, Ballinasloe-born comedian Breda Larkin has decided to do her own investigation.

Watch Breda move a nation, or maybe just a statue, as she embarks on a journey of exploration, excommunication and excellent religious puns.

Join Breda and ‘Moving Mary’ on a personal pilgrimage that explores unsung Irish heroines, laughter and life on the road with at least one Virgin!!!

Starring Breda Larkin and featuring the Virgin Mary, it’s ‘BREDA’S WAY’ or the motorway.


‘frenetic, energetic, mad journey around Ireland … Strange, amusing, slightly blasphemous but unexpected.’ Darragh Doyle

In the Irish Times, Mick Heaney describes “Larkin’s likeable performance” as “ambitious” and “the theatrical equivalent of a dotty guided tour… from strummy ditties to gently impassioned polemics and enjoyably daft puns.”

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