Best Places to Eat On A Budget In Cork

Everyone loves to eat out and get a break from the kitchen but we don’t always have the dosh to do it.  So here is a list of some places that in the past few months I found great value and also good food.  If all else fails you can rock up to Hillbillies and get a garlic chip but if you want to sit down in a chair that isn’t plastic here are some decent places that won’t break the bank in 2018.

  • Quinlans Seafood Bar –  Located on Princes Street a simple but decent menu.  All fished sourced by their own boats. Won’t break the bank and a friendly atmosphere with great staff.
  • Market Lane –  One of my favourites.  Check the soup and half sandwich deal.  Tasty and great price.  No Qs just rock up and wait.  Bookings for larger groups.
  • FarmGate – English Market  0 Amazing location overlooking the market.  A range of dishes from a simple sandwich to a full sit down meal.  Worth it alone for the sitting arrangements. A must visit if showing visitors around Cork to get great food and the market experience.
  • Loving Salads – Great fresh salads and soups.  Located on Academy street. Healthy casual eating at its best.
  • The Long Valley – Famous since time immemorial for their sandwiches they continue this tradition under the auspices of the sons of the original owner.  Solid doorstoppers.  Enjoy with a pint of Beamish boy!
  • Burritos and Blues – Burritos have taken off in the past number of years.  They are really filling taste great and we can kind of fool ourselves that they are sort of healthy.  Burritos and blues on Paul street are good value have a great €5 special on all burritos on Mondays and you get served fast! Wat more can you ask for besides cheezy Mexican music?

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