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5 Pubs That May Not Have Been Here When You Were Last Back In Cork

If you are coming home for Christmas after an absence of a few years then you may be a bit ring rusty when it  comes to the pub scene.  Like any major city Cork pubs come and go,

New Cork Pubs

In the past couple of years a few new pubs have come onto the scene in Cork and a few others have become popular when they might have been quiet local watering holes in the past.  New management, a lively Cork social scene may mean that you need to “swot” up on the pubs of Cork. But never fear we are here to help with your pub research.

But this list may help you survive the pub crawl and not look stupid when a more savvy local suggests a jar in them.

1. The Vicarstown Bar

this pub has always been on Cork’s Norht Main Street but has had a facelift.

The bar has been renovated into a tasteful and sociable watering hole.  Selling a wide range of craft beers it is a great place to meet friends and have a nice pint.  It is completely refurbished inside and stretches out the back to a large smoking area that even if a non smoker is comfortable to hang out in.

Anytime we have visited the staff have been friendly and service prompt.Check it out.

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2. Goldbergs

This pub was originally an “old mans pub” called The Quayside but Goldberg’s have completely revamped it. It is is very popular and has a young lively crowd clientele.

It is a little off the beaten track in the Albert road area but worth the short walk from the city centre.   Pop into its neighbour The Idle Hour and say hello as well if you fancy spending some more time in this up and coming area.

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  • 3. Edison’s Pub

    located on Washington street in the old cinema this is a location that has been through several changes in recent years.  They have a cinema night there have a lot of in house DJS playing a range of music on different nights.  Worth checking out if you like your music and fancy an alternative bar from the others on Washington street.

    4. Deep South

    Located on the Grand Parade next to the river this may be better known to those returning to Cork as The Goat Broke Loose.  It is a large roomy bar with a huge airy area out the back of the bar to hang out in.  Perfect for a large group but still plenty of room to hide out in as a smaller one.  They have a large brunch and lunch menu.

    5. Arthur Maynes

    One of the most unusual pubs on our list this is a new pub on Cork’s Pembroke street.  It still has the original Pharmacy style frontage.  More a wine bar than a pub it is worth popping in for a snack and a glass of wine if you need a change of pace from the pub scene.


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