What Of Sir Henrys?

This June signals nearly 16 years since the iconic Cork venue Sir Henrys closed.  The space where it stood still stands empty reminding us of its impact on Cork nightlife and culture.  Whether your era was when it was a hugely popular rock venue or a dance club famous not just in Ireland but all around Europe I am sure you have some story to share of some day or night you spent in there.

I worked in the Grand Parade, Sir Henrys for about 4 years – before the dance era and often cleaned it as night porter back in the day.  Many people didn’t realise it was part of the Grand Parade Hotel (also owned by Jerry Lucey) and was connected by a small back door to the main hotel.

It has left a significant mark on Cork and we definitely will not have the likes of it again as times have changed and tastes of course.

Below is an excellent video of the dance era with commentary.

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